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Are you like us, passionate about the aesthetic creative nature that many artists, designers and illustrators demonstrate they have? They earn a living as master designers, visual story tellers, art directors and creative directors, working for clients who need and want to find creative ways to tell their story well. 

We want to take that passion into places of learning by creating 
whopping art opportunities for children, youth and adults of any age or stage of ability and confidence, who are brave enough to work together with us, taking chances and making creative choices, that only can be made by those with the right attitude, skill, wisdom and a wonderful belief in the impossible, only made possible by a courage seen and found in those who do it “ Live ” and for a living.
Well, we can actually awaken in one another the gift of creativity, and lead by example, helping to develop this gift in the next generation of young student, while at the same time honoring the masters who have made a way where there was no way, using the same gift given and skills developed and by following the wise that went before them, to release their wonder truthfully and with ...


Sometimes teaching art can be like the blind leading the blind. 
But we seek to change that and start a revolution to restore and awakened a sense of the importance of the aesthetic when used well to educate and enthuse the next generation.

Please register your interest right now by emailing us.


The Wolf’s Revenge is the second book in a series of books released here in NZ as first edition classic story books written by Peter Mountain Illustrated by Bryan Pollard and Published by Exceptional Books NZ Ltd  in 2006.

These books are now in 75% of NZ schools. 

Bryan Pollard

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